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I'm an undergraduate student at the University of California, San Diego pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science and Cognitive Science with an expected graduation date of June 2020. My resume/CV can be found here.

You can get my PGP key by running gpg --recv-keys A9200ED3.
If you prefer to do it manually, download my public key from here , then run gpg --armor --import nate.asc.
If you don't trust the key, send me an email and I'll send you the fingerprint for you to verify it. Note that the key labeled E9147730 is deprecated.

I've been working on writing my own version of a course taught at UCSD. Check it out here! While you're at it, check out Late Night Hacks, an open-source, collaborative group at UCSD where we talk about (and build) various concepts in computer security in specific and computer science in general

If you'd like to see my other projects, check out my Github account. I also write occasionally, found here.

Software Engineer InternSummer 2019

I worked at SurveyMonkey in San Mateo on the billing and payments team, where I wrote the backend logic needed to transfer credit card data from one secure storage system to another.

Undergraduate TA2017-present

I work in the CSE department at UCSD under Rick Ord and Gary Gillespie. The courses I've worked with include CSE 11 (Intro to Computer Science), CSE 12 (Basic Data Structures), CSE 15L (Software Tools), and CSE 30 (Computer Organization and Systems Programming). I've been a lead for CSE 15L since Spring 2019.

Software Engineer InternSummer 2018

I worked at ServiceNow on the core platform development team. I used Java and BASH to write integration tests and performance benchmarking software for a new tool in the platform, as well as spent time fixing reported platform bugs scattered throughout various parts of the codebase.


Programming Language Theory

I enjoy reading about and learning different programming languages, ranging from assembly to Visual Basic. My favorite languages right now are Haskell, Python, and C, though I do love me some ARM assembly. I've been reading more about program synthesis recently; one of my favorite papers at the moment is this one written by a UCSD professor. I've also enjoyed reading about and messing with this programming language made by another UCSD professor.

Software Security

I'm very interested in software systems and the security of those systems. I enjoy reading about and implementing ways in which we can make the software we write and use more secure and safe. One paper I've found interesting recently is this one about browser extension security, this one about password security, and this classic paper about buffer overflows.

Software Systems

I really like to read about and learn as much as possible about various software systems, ranging from operating systems to distributed networks. One thing I actively want to learn is about how operating system security plays into building the applications and services we use on a daily basis. Currently, I enjoy this paper about the Google File System, as well as this one about macOS kernel security.



I play a few instruments and enjoy listening to and decomposing all
kinds of music, as well as watching videos of others doing those things. Here's one of my favorite Spotify playlists!


I like all kinds of games and gaming, from video games like CS:GO and Planet Coaster to board games like Betrayal on the House on the Hill. I also enjoy reading both CS related books as well as regular books. One of my all-time favorite books is The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.


I enjoy watching and playing lots of sports, including volleyball, soccer, cycling, and baseball. I actively bodyboard , and enjoy spending lots of time at the beach. My favorite football club is Manchester United (GGMU), my favorite baseball team is the Los Angeles Angels, my favorite surfers are John John Florence and Kolohe Andino, and my favorite basketball team is the Golden State Warriors.


npcompletenate [at] protonmail [dot] com

nbrowne [at] ucsd [dot] edu

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